Hi! I'm Eryn, the sole creator and manager behind EWG. Emerald Wolf Gear is a disabled, LGBTQ+ owned small business focusing on disability products which are aesthetically pleasing, bright and practical. 

I've always been a creative person with most of my hobbies being centered around animals and crafting, with my first Etsy store offering jewelry and keychains being opened in 2016.

In March 2020 I contracted COVID-19, which severely impacted my neurological function and my sight. Due to this and the pandemic, I was more or less housebound for eighteen months so took up a few new crafts to occupy my days.

I love bright colours but when I began looking for disability aids or things to customize my own items, I discovered there aren't many options aside from plain grey, brown or black. I started creating accessories for myself and soon I had friends from the chronic illness community placing orders, too. The demand grew and so Emerald Wolf Gear was created.

EWG started out mainly as an Assistance dog gear and fidget toy business but since then, I've found my niche in sensory-friendly disability products for both people and assistance dogs as well as restoration work on leather dog gear and sentimental leather items. We now offer an extensive range of custom and premade handle covers, leashes, harnesses, collars, pull-tabs, door tugs, communication cards, communication signs and more. It's grown from a little Etsy shop to a fully fledged small business and I'm incredibly proud!