EWG & BJD Frequently Asked Questions (Scroll down for harness FAQs)

What are your wait times?

Wait times can vary for a multitude of reasons including postal delays, my health, unavoidable life changes, complexity of the order and so on. The customer making changes to their order after it has been processed may also add to this timeframe. Typically EWG wait time sits at between 3-4 weeks for custom products other than harnesses and 3-5 months for harness orders depending on complexity. BJD do not offer timeframes.

Do you offer rush orders?

For partial premade harnesses and all of our other products, yes!  Rush times are typically 1-2 weeks but faster turnarounds are possible for some items. Please email for a more accurate timeframe.
What happens if I change my mind?
EWG and BJD specialize in completely customized products which are tailor-made to fit your dog. As such, once your order has been started or materials have been ordered, refunds are not possible. Some premade items (excluding Outlet and sale items) are eligible for returns, but given the amount of Assistance Dog handlers who have allergies and cannot purchase returned items which may have dog dander or other allergens, we do ask that you measure and ensure a product is suitable before ordering. BJD do offer a slot selling service, where you can sell your spot to another handler and transfer the order.

Will I get updates?

Yes - now harness orders have reopened, we will be posting customer updates on our Updates page and Facebook group (work in progress) every other weekend as well as posting photos and Instagram stories when we are able. Non-urgent messages will be answered at the weekends unless urgent. Leatherwork is completely hands-on so answering on the weekends allows us to spend the week working on orders rather than taking time out to reply.
My order hasn't arrived?
All orders are sent out via Tracked postage, however we have had a number of parcels go missing or be delivered to the wrong address as of late. When your product is dispatched, please keep an eye on the tracking and let us know ASAP if it hasn't arrived within 4-5 days. If the delivery information shows a house or GPS address which is not yours, please notify us and contact Royal Mail yourself immediately. We will always do our best to keep customers happy but if we aren't notified for a month or so about a lost parcel, it becomes quite difficult to try and trace that parcel or open a claim with the mail carrier. Similarly, we cannot be blamed for not knowing a parcel was missing if we are not told. In the event that a parcel is lost and we are contacted within a sensible timeframe, a replacement will be posted out and a case will be opened with Royal Mail. 

Harness FAQs

What sort of harnesses do you offer?

EWG: X-Back, Balto (fixed straight front), Classic Straight Front, Y-Front, Panel Straight Front, Panel Y-Front and Hybrid Panel/Classic Straight Front (A classic S-F with a longer panel at the back). Sizes from toy breeds up to giant, with pet harness and mobility options. We can and have also made pet harnesses for cats!
BJD: Adjustable Y-Front, Adjustable Straight Front- Traditional
* Mobility and guide harnesses only available for dogs who exceed our weight and size requirements outlined below.

What customization options are there?

EWG: Customizable flat colours(ie no galaxy, carvings etc), range of hardware choices, rhinestones and decorative rivets, range of padding options. Panels are offered in whichever shades we have in stock - please check our Leather Shades for an up to date range. Range of handle options.
BJD: Custom dye, custom carving, hardware selection, 3-4 shades of Sherpa padding, rhinestones, handle options.

What hardware do you offer?

EWG: Nickel or Antique Brass hardware is included as standard. Upgrades for Black, Rose Gold, Gunmetal Grey, Rainbow, Silicone and Solid Brass are available as upgrades.

What are your wait times?

Wait times can vary for a multitude of reasons including postal delays, my health, unavoidable life changes and so on. The customer making changes to their order after it has been processed may also add to this timeframe. Typically EWG wait time sits at between 3-5 months for custom harnesses. BJD does not offer timeframes.

Do you offer rush orders?

EWG: For partial premade harnesses and all of our other products, yes! Rush orders are not available for completely custom leather harnesses. Producing a high quality harness takes time and each harness takes 30+ hours to complete.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! Times are hard and a leather harness is an investment. More information here: https://emeraldwolfgear.com/pages/payment-plans

What upkeep does leather require?

Leather doesn't do well with being kept in damp or humid conditions so we recommend to avoid leaving in direct sunlight or above radiators. We suggest conditioning every 6-10 weeks (depending on how regularly it's used) with a honey-based conditioner to keep it soft and supple. If the padding gets dirty, gently clean with a damp cloth. Never submerge leather in water, put it in the washing machine or allow your dog to swim in the harness.

What happens if the harness doesn't fit?

Measuring for harnesses can be tricky - please check out our fitting guides for assistance before submitting your order form. We are more than happy to make adjustments to your harness if needed - no dog should ever have to work in ill-fitting gear! If the misfit is due to a measuring error, the buyer is responsible for the postage to and from EWG or BJD as well as any material costs (i.e., replacement straps). A small fee for time may also apply.

 Do your mobility/guide harnesses have size and/or weight limits?

Yes - our mobility/guide harnesses are designed to fit small Labradors and Border Collies at a minimum and our restrictions have been discussed at length with professionals in the Assistance Dog, Guide Dog and Canine Physiotherapy fields. We reserve the right to refuse to sell mobility equipment to handlers of small, elderly or physically unfit dogs. Unfortunately we cannot regulate the subsequent purchases our harnesses if they are moved on by the original buyer, but we encourage handlers to use our gear ethically and safely.

Will you make white/white and yellow panel harnesses? (Including white with coloured padding or stitching)

After an influx of inquiries for this design, we contacted Guide Dogs UK when we first started making harnesses to ask for their input. Guide Dogs UK have specifically asked that owner trained teams do not copy the classic white and neon yellow panel harness setup. This has absolutely nothing to do with owner trained teams themselves but has everything to do with keeping blind and VI individuals safe. The general public's perception of white/yellow panel = blind handler is an invaluable form of safety for those handlers.
The reasons include:
  • This can affect accessibility(not access refusals - accessibility such as reasonable adjustments) for Guide Dog handlers and VI/blind individuals. Many handlers hate being asked what's "wrong" with us and the communication offered by a GDUK harness allows the handlers to skip that step - just like those who put "Diabetic Alert" or "Autism assistance" on their dog's vest.
  • In emergency situations or evacuations, the well-known design allows staff to assess what help a VI team may need to get to safety, particularly when discussing this may not be possible.
  • It can cause more work and loss of resources for the organization when a non-org dog is reported to them and could even cause unnecessary stress for an org team which matches the description given
We are not comfortable with potentially contributing to the issues raised, particularly those which risk endangerment, and consequently, we are unable to manufacture gear that could be perceived as counterfeit GDUK products.