Multipurpose Tabs Guide

Tabs are a versatile product which can be used in a variety of ways including item retrievals, using as a grab tab on your dog's collar or harness, attaching to a zipper if you have dexterity issues, making lost items more visible and more. EWG tabs typically come in three designs and three materials.

Fleece (available in Supersoft, Sherpa and Polar)

Paracord - mini and regular
Rope - Standard. Wide/XL available by Bespoke Order.


Slip tabs come with a loop at the top which you can thread over an item and then push the bottom of the tab through to fasten it to the item. They are well suited for drawers, cupboards and doors. For smaller items, they must have a wide enough hole to thread the top of the slip through in order to fasten the product to the item. 


Keyring tabs have a keyring/split ring attachment at the top. They are ideal for items with smaller holes like zippered clothing, keys or medication bags. These tabs have easily replaceable hardware so are an affordable option if you have a dog who may risk breaking the hardware from forceful tugging*.


Carabiner - available in small and standard

Snap tabs are a popular choice given their versatility. They will snap onto any item with a suitably sized ring or bar, including pop sockets for phone retrievals. For dogs who pull back with force, we recommend Quick Link or Trigger Snap tabs as they are designed to hold pulling weight. For dogs who are smaller or don't have tug drive during retrievals, any type of snap will work well. For toy breeds, our Lightweight Snaps or Keyring tabs are a great option. If your item is more fragile, we recommend a Quick Link tab due to the secure screw-in fastening.

 Snap tabs come with a range of hardware options including...

Carabiner - see photo

Mini snaps

Trigger Snaps - Available in small, regular and XL

Quick Links - Available in small, regular, large and XL

* Note: While our tabs are professionally made and will withstand a good amount of the tugging and shaking a dog may show during retrieval training, they are not tug toys or chew toys. Powerful tugging, chewing or shaking may lead to the product breaking over time. Please do not leave your dog unattended with the tabs in case they are chewed.