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Assistance Dog Access Rights & UK Law Booklet

Assistance Dog Access Rights & UK Law Booklet

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Introducing our latest product! 

Access refusals are an unfortunate part of having an assistance dog and even the most calm handler can struggle to explain our rights when experiencing conflict. Our booklets are designed to make these experiences easier for both you and the business.


** There is a typo in the booklets on page 3. as such, this batch have been reduced in price. **

This is not a legal form of ID or registry. This is stated on multiple pages.

Page 1: The Equality Act explained

Page 2: Explanation of registry and ID not being required, owner-trained and charity trained dogs having the same rights and information that all breeds (with the exception of banned breeds) can become assistance dogs.

Page 3: An excerpt from the Equality Act defining assistance dogs and a section to confirm your dog is medically and behaviorally cleared to work

Page 4: Hygiene & Safety checklist confirming your dog is not aggressive, reactive or disruptive.

Page 5: Free space with lines to add any information you'd like, for example: emergency info, how your dog helps you, additional law info, a statement from your trainer and so on.

Page 6: Bullet journal free space. Use to make grids or additional lines for extra info. 

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