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Premade: Snap Tab Bringsel Bundles for Assistance Service Dog

Premade: Snap Tab Bringsel Bundles for Assistance Service Dog

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Our pull/tug tab bundles offer professionally made pull tabs in convenient, mixed packs.

Measurements given are taken from the top of the slip to the end of the tab.

Slip tabs easily attach to most cupboards, drawers, door handles, crutches and so on. Simply pop the long, unbraided slip section over the handle and feed the braided tab back through the slip opening

If the tab is too wide for the intended item, a split ring can be used to bridge the gap. They are ideal when attaching to zippers.

Carabiner tabs are ideal for use with items such as your purse, medication bags, even pop sockets. They are NOT designed to be tugs, only retrieval tabs.

If you require more security or have a dog who can be particularly rough with retrievals, our Quick Link bundles could be ideal for you! Made with 4mm - 5mm hooks, the Quick Links work via a screw-link function and are ideal for keys, medication bags, zippers and so on. They include a locking function which works by gently screwing the bottom of the clip into the top.

Each bundle typically contains a range of tab lengths for versatility.

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