Choosing Your Colours: Coats & Colour Theory

* * This page is intended as a guide only. Everyone has their own preferences and it's entirely up to the handler/owner to choose their colours and combinations.

Matching Shades

For a gear set with 2 or more colours, the colour wheel will be your best friend. The simplest options are choosing colours which are next to each other (Analogous), opposite each other (Complimentary) or pairing a colour with a neutral shade like black, charcoal, cream or white.



Which colours will suit my dog?

Black, dark sable and dark tricolours: They will suit almost any shade. Bright, light colours are a popular choice - look at shades of yellow, pink, bright red or pastels. If you're feeling a little more adventurous, try neon orange or green.
White, Grey or Blue: Darker tones will pop on these dogs. Opt for burnt orange, navy, charcoal, burgundy or black.
Chocolate & Brown: Blues and Greens, particularly richer shades like teal and forest green.
Red & Tan: Pay attention to the amount of red in the coat. Darker browns will suit pastels and ice shades. Brighter reds will make jewel and neutral tones pop, as well as most shades of green and green-toned blues.
Black & Tan: Bright, warm tones to match the black in the coat or blues and greens to compliment the tan.
Cream & Lighter Tan: Darker shades and jewel tones. Navy, emerald, amethyst purple and deep red will match beautifully, or go the opposite way and choose pastels with a darker accent colour.
For more info on colour combinations and matching, this link is a useful resource: What Colour Collar Should Your Dog Wear? - Petiquette (

Coat and Colour Swatches 

Coat shades are on the middle row. L-R: Black, Blue/Light Grey, Light Grey, Black & Tan, Red/Rust, Chocolate/Brown, Lilac, Yellow/Cream and White


General Colour Swatches