Terms & Conditions

Emerald Wolf Gear & Black Jackal Designs

Ethical Use & Responsibility

EWG & BJD maintain a commitment to the safety and well-being of assistance dog teams as our top priority. We retain the right to decline the sale of products that are determined to be unethical. This includes, but is not limited to, overly tall upright handles, mobility equipment for small(standard Border Collie/Field Lab sized and smaller) dogs, items with finishes that may potentially jeopardize the structural integrity of the product, items intended for use with dangerous or unethical tasks, and items that may be perceived as counterfeit organization uniforms. Additionally, we reserve the right to decline sales of mobility equipment intended for utilization with elderly or disabled dogs.

Custom Specifications

Harnesses and collars are designed with flexibility to accommodate adjustments for both tightening and loosening based on the measurements provided.

While buyers have the option to specify particular measurements, it is important to acknowledge that a slight margin for human error may be anticipated. Consequently, refunds will not be granted for minor deviations of a few centimeters that do not impede the functionality of the product.  This also applies to knitted or braided items.

It is vital to understand that leather, being a natural material, can exhibit variations when dyed. Despite our best efforts to match the requested shade, there may be instances where the leather may not absorb coloration precisely as anticipated. This is typically no more than a shade or two darker or lighter. 

 This applies to both pre-dyed and custom dyed pieces.

Respect & Consideration

We love making customers' ideas come to life but sometimes we are given designs we are not comfortable with. These include but are not limited to:
  • Items which could be classed as counterfeit organization gear
  •  Combining elements of harnesses which would risk the structural integrity
  • Items which could result in injury (i.e. extremely long handles)
  • Items which do not align with our ethics
  • Items which are outside of our capabilities as makers
  • Refusing repairs on another maker's gear out of respect
  • Items which could risk injury to the dog or handler


We specialize in completely customizable products which are tailor-made to fit your dog. As such, once your order has been started or materials have been ordered, refunds are not possible. Some premade items (excluding Outlet and sale items) are eligible for exchanges but given the amount of Assistance Dog handlers who have allergies and cannot purchase returned items which may have dog dander or other allergens, we do ask that you measure and ensure a product is suitable before ordering. Exchanges are limited to one only.

Fair Use

Our products are made with high quality materials and skilled craftmanship, to ensure durability under the rigorous demands of daily use in various weather conditions. Instances such as rigid handles being subjected to heavy, uncontrolled pulling, paracord being chewed, handle wraps being boil washed or tumble-dried, as well as exposure of leather to chemicals and treatments(including home dyeing), or allowing dogs to run through undergrowth or swim in saltwater while wearing their Assistance Dog gear, can lead to damage if not used or cared for appropriately. It is imperative to understand that such treatment will render warranties void. In select situations, we offer repair services for a fee. 

Zero Tolerance Policy

BJD and EWG firmly uphold a zero-tolerance policy regarding instances of verbal abuse and threatening conduct. This encompasses a range of behaviors, such as but not limited to: threat of blacklisting, threat of unwarranted visits to the maker's address, demanding complimentary products, and disregarding our disabilities or communication needs. Please be advised that messages may go unanswered if suitable methods of communication cannot be established. In the event that an order remains unfulfilled, progress updates will be regularly posted during weekends and the order will be posted out as agreed.

Mail Delays & Losses

All items are dispatched with tracked postage, both domestically within the UK and for international shipments. These services are complemented by GPS delivery tracking and/or a photographic record. The tracking number and carrier, typically Royal Mail or DPD, are shared with the customer upon dispatch. If your item has not arrived within 2-3 days (for UK customers) or 10-12 days (for international customers), we kindly request that you review your tracking information. While we are committed to making every effort to facilitate a replacement or refund for lost parcels, timely notification is crucial for us to accomplish this

In the event that the parcel has been mistakenly delivered to an incorrect address, we urge you to contact us within 48 hours. Please be aware that we do not possess visual knowledge of a customer's specific door or letterbox, rendering us unable to determine if a misdelivery has occurred.

. We are unaware of what a customer's door or letterbox looks like so we will not immediately be aware if it has been delivered to the wrong address.
When this happens, it is vital for the customer to also contact their local sorting office to raise the issue. While we will also raise a case with the carrier, these are often unsuccessful if the parcel is marked as delivered and the local sorting office or depot have not been notified of the mistake.