Mobility & Guide Harness Pricing & Order Form

Harness order form is at the bottom of this page

Emerald Wolf Gear offers custom made leather harnesses, tailor-made to your specifications. We're known for our panel harnesses but our full range includes:

Guide Only Range

Straight Front and Y-Front Panels (unsuitable for use with upright rigid handles)

Mobility & Guide Range

X-back Y-Front
Classic Y-front
Balto/Fixed Straight Fronts
Adjustable Straight Fronts
Hybrid Straight/Y Fronts with inbuilt Panel (Mobility and Guide compatible)
Our order form is at the bottom of the page. Please purchase an order slot and then fill out and email the form to the email provided with "Order Request - Slot #(your order number here)" as the subject line. Replies are typically sent over the weekend.
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Padding options:
All harness orders receive 10% off store-wide. Items must be purchased with the harness unless otherwise agreed.
* Bespoke hardware upcharge is not included in the discount

Mobility/Guide/Guide Only Base Includes

One to Two shades of in-stock leather, 20mm or 25mm straps and hardware, nickel or antique brass hardware, one shade of sherpa padding (entire harness inc.), 4x D or O Rings, Bunny Ears and a 5" fluffy handle cover
  • Straight and Y-Front: £110
  • Straight Front Panel: £120
  • Y-Front Panel: £130
  • Hybrids: £140


  • Faux Leather padding: £20
  • Add Black or Rainbow hardware: £6
  • Add Solid Brass or Rose Gold hardware: Varies by amount of hardware needed. Mention on custom form for a quote
  • Guide Capable: £20
  • CB/Upright Capable and Handles: Scroll down

Semi-Rigid Upright Handles

Note: The CB capability charge is built into the cost for a detachable upright, so you would only be charged £25 or £35 for both the attachments and the handle. 
  • CB Capable: £20
  • Fixed semi-rigid Upright handle: £25
  • Detachable Braided Fleece Upright: £30
  • Detachable Leather Upright: £35
  • Detachable Rigid Upright handle (metal core): £45


  • Stamped Accent Patch or Straps: Ask for a quote
  • Padded Semi-Rigid Leather Handle: £20
  • Rigid (Metal Core) Handle: £35
  • Matching Flat Collar: From £10 without padding / from £17 with padding
  • Matching Keyfob: £3
  • Square Patch tab with Velcro: £7


Ensure that measurements are taken with a fabric tape measure sitting snug against the skin, not on top of the fur. Please do not exaggerate your dog's measurements as this can lead to the product not fitting correctly.

Please email to with the subject line "Order Request". Instagram messages are somewhat inaccessible for us so DMs may be missed.

Payment Plans are available for orders over £50. We require a 30% deposit to hold your spot and work will start on your order once 70% has been paid off. For more information please visit our FAQ page.
If you are under 16, for legal reasons we require an adult to complete the order and provide contact information.


Buyer Information

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Phone Number(for order tracking once dispatched):
Social Media handle if you'd like to be tagged in update posts:
Do you have any additional needs to make the order process or order updates more accessible?:
(Note - due to my own disabilities I am unable to facilitate video calls)

Dog Information:

Neck to Tail:
Any information you'd like to add:

Harness Customization

Leather shade(s):
Sherpa or Faux Leather padding:
Padding Shade(s):
Guide Compatible:
Fixed CB or CB attachments: 
Extras (Please List):
Additional Adjustments (This may include having the quick release buckles on the side easiest to access from your wheelchair or "good" mobility side: 


Note: We will not make upright, metal core handles which stand over 6" from the dog's back. Our limit for rigid leading/guide handles is 19" from clip to hand. We will also not make tethering handles to connect children and dogs via clips - we recommend a super-soft fleece handle the child can hold as a safer alternative.


Clip Type (Trigger, Lobster, Quick Link):

Style: Lightweight, Semi-Rigid or Rigid (metal core)

Material: Braided Fleece/Chunky Braided Fleece/Paracord/Leather/Braided Leather


Length of handle including snaps OR the height off the dog's back if being ordered with a harness as an upright: