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Emerald Wolf Gear

Single Layer Handle Covers

Single Layer Handle Covers

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Slip-on covers for wheelchairs, prams, dog leashes, guide handles, crutches or canes and more. Made with a single layer of fabric without additional padding, making them an affordable way of brightening up your disability aids. 

All materials are cruelty-free and made with faux/fake fur.


Slip-On covers are designed to slide over a detachable strap. Popper/Detachable covers are required for non-detachable handles.


Our covers offer a soothing, comfortable texture and can also be used to cover scratchy materials such as bag straps, over the shoulder dog leashes and wheelchair seatbelts. They're ideal for the colder months to cover cold handles, and for the summer months to give you extra grip.


This is a premade item listing. These items are ready to post and non-customizable.

Typically dispatched within 1-3 days.


Designed to fit items up to an approximate diameter of 1", including over the shoulder leashes, narrowed wheelchair arm covers etc.


Machine washable on a cold wash with similar colours. Do not tumble dry


* Please check the sizing information against the item you intend to use them with prior to ordering.

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